Physiotherapy equipment

physiotherapy equipment list

Physiotherapy equipment is a device for improving Physiotherapy for exerting physical factors on the body. It is suitable for use in homes, offices and other places.

Common physical factors include “electricity, sound, light, magnetism, water, pressure, etc.In contrast to drug therapy, physical therapy is relatively safe and environmentally friendly.But different from drug therapy, the effect of physical therapy is still very effective for some diseases, such as improving blood circulation to improve the function of human organs or improve the state of local tissues of the human body is very effective.

frequency current therapy

It is to connect a certain voltage and frequency pulse electrical signal with the human body through electrodes. Because many components of human body tissues have certain electrical characteristics, when stimulated by electricity, the muscles, nerves, body fluids and blood of the human body will produce physical and chemical reactions to a certain extent.Low frequency and intermediate frequency electrotherapy are among the most common devices of this type.It is effective to improve pain and regulate nerve function by electrotherapy in hospital.

Magnetic physiotherapy equipment

Since humans have evolved under the earth’s magnetic field, their relationship to magnetism is bound to be health-related.Applying a certain intensity of magnetism to the human body can cause a series of reactions in the human body. Many magnetic therapy instruments have played a role in the rehabilitation of the human body.

Medical shock wave machine rehabilitation therapy machine

Shortwave therapy device

Medical transcranial Magnetic Stimulation physiotherapy machine

physiotherapy equipment list

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