rehabilitation application

Electric upper and lower limb rehabilitation apparatus

rehabilitation application: Suitable for cerebral infarction, stroke, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, various stiffness of joints, paraplegia, hypochondriacal paralysis,  quadriplegia, parkinsonism,

People with neurological disorders, osteoporosis, long-term bed after surgery, need active or passive exercise rehabilitation.

standing frame rehabilitation application:

Patients with paraplegia can use standing stands to prevent and prevent complications, such as osteoporosis, cardiopulmonary function reduction, urinary psychological disorders, etc. While standing, the desktop can be used to complete eating, drinking water, learning and other activities.

The use of standing frame is conducive to correct posture maintenance, can prevent and correct deformity, avoid long-term sitting, lying guide structure:

1: The role of chest support is to prevent natural leaning forward

2: The backrest prevents the back and body from leaning back naturally

3: The role of the hip restraint belt is to prevent the natural sagging of the hip when standing autonomously

4: The role of the knee brace is to prevent the knee from naturally bending forward while standing

5: The function of leg restraint belt is to prevent the legs and feet from moving back naturally when standing autonomously

Training method:

1) Remove or place the back bracket, hip pad and bandage vertically. The patient enters the inner cavity of the front of the standing bracket in the wheelchair. The rehabilitator and nursing staff place the patient’s feet on the pedals and put his knees close to the knee bracket.

2) The rehabilitator and nursing staff helped the patient stand up, and used hip pad and bandage to help the patient stand completely.

3) Adjust table height, chest support and back support to make patients feel more appropriate.With the patient’s arms resting on the table, the functional coordination of fingers can be trained at the same time as the standing training.

4) After the standing training, the rehabilitator and paramedics should first remove the back bracket, then release the hip pad and bandage to help the patient sit in the wheelchair, and place both legs on the pedals to remove the wheelchair from the standing frame.


rehabilitation application


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Speed regulating function of rehabilitation equipment

Rehabilitation equipment speed regulation function: multi-functional use, the product can be multi-stage speed regulation, and can set different running time, at the same time can also at will to regulate the direction of rotation.It has great applicability.Meet the different needs of different users.

Future development of rehabilitation equipment

The service objects of rehabilitation equipment industry have also expanded from the disabled soldiers and ordinary disabled people to the elderly, the sick and wounded and other physically and mentally disabled people. The product categories have basically met the work, life, communication and health needs of the disabled people.

How to use the rehabilitation equipment?

Rehabilitation equipment is mainly used for the training of people with physical dysfunction.These are people who are either born with a disability, a legacy of illness, or a result of injury.Paraplegia, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, amputation and other limb disabilities are the main component of this population.

Performance of management methods for rehabilitation devices

Rehabilitation equipment to develop joint position, torque, vision, touch, high-frequency measurement, optical displacement measurement sensors, to meet the application needs of the domestic robot industry.In the service robot technology research and application demonstration project, it supports the development of social public service robots such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, elderly care, assistance to the disabled and rescue.

Rehabilitation equipment can only be used with reasonable instructions

Rehabilitation equipment for people with poor function, the motor can be used to drive the limbs to do passive movement.For slightly better function of people can be unplugged active crutches anti-skid system to improve.Promote metabolism, promote blood circulation and intestinal peristalsis, prevent deep thrombosis and urinary tract infection.Improve the flexibility of the hands and feet, enhance muscle strength, and improve cardiovascular function.

The therapeutic effect and clinical application of rehabilitation instruments

Direction of movement of rehabilitation instrument manipulation: it can be vertical or parallel to the treatment plane.The treatment plane is the plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation at the midpoint of the articular plane.Separation – perpendicular to the treatment plane;Sliding and long axis traction – parallel to the treatment plane.

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