Lumbar and neck traction bed

traction bed Lumbar and neck

The treatment of lumbar spondylopathy is divided into two kinds of non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment, traction non-surgical treatment of cervical spondylosis is the main means to alleviate symptoms.Effective traction can relieve neck muscle spasm, pain symptoms, increasing the intervertebral disc and intervertebral foramen, has been out of the nucleus pulposus and fiber ring organizational stability, ease and relieve nerve root compression and stimulation, promote the nerve root edema drain, vertebral of vertebral artery pressure, promote blood circulation, is advantageous to the local congestion swelling and proliferation of fade and lax adhesion of joint capsule, improve and restore hook vertebral joints, adjust the small joint dislocation and vertebral slippage, adjust and restore damaged cervical internal and external balance, restore the normal function of the cervical spine.Lumbar retractor is designed according to this principle into a convenient for patients to use at home lumbar disease treatment supplies.

For the prevention and treatment of various types of cervical spondylosis and the symptoms of oppression caused by cervical spondylosis, it can increase blood and oxygen supply in the brain, help to restore physical strength and energy, and prevent a variety of senile diseases.

Applicable people: white-collar workers, drivers, people who stand for a long time, sit for a long time, and people who face computers for a long time.

traction bed Use of cervical spine retractors

Use of cervical retractors (7 pieces)

Cervical spine treatment effect:

(1) Restrict cervical spine movement, reduce repeated friction and adverse stimulation of compression marrow and nerve root, and help to reduce edema and inflammation of spinal cord, nerve root, joint capsule, muscle and other tissues.

(2) Increase the intervertebral space and intervertebral foramen, relieve or even relieve the stimulation and compression of nerve roots.

(3) Relieve muscle spasm, restore the balance of the neck and spine, reduce the pressure in the intervertebral disc, and buffer the pressure of the intervertebral disc to all sides.

(4) Retract the facet joint space, release synovial incarceration, and restore the normal sequence and reciprocity between cervical vertebrae

Cervical vertebra stretcher Relationship.

(5) To straighten the vertebral artery twisted between the transverse foramen and improve the blood oxygen supply of the vertebral artery.

(6) Lengthen the longitudinal diameter of the cervical canal, extend the spinal cord, flatten the yellow ligament fold, and increase the spinal canal volume.Correct traction treatment can not only relieve muscle spasm, but also improve nerve root stimulation symptoms

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