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TOPMED Physio Rehabilitation equipment Co.,Ltd is the leader supplier of rehabilitation equipment and physical therapy products in China, at the same time, we also have rich experience in exporting our products to other countries.

TOPMED Physio Rehabilitation equipment specializes in the production of walking rehabilitation equipment, upper limb rehabilitation equipment, lower limb rehabilitation equipment, occupational therapy rehabilitation equipment, children rehabilitation equipment and physical therapy products. Products are widely used in rehabilitation center, hospital and Rehabilitaion clinic.

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Physio Rehabilitation equipment

Physio Rehabilitation equipment

Rehabilitation Medicine:

1, rehabilitation is to achieve the following goals of a process, through comprehensive, coordinate used all kinds of measures to eliminate or reduce disease, injury, physical and mental disabilities, social dysfunction, to achieve and maintain physical, sensory, intellectual spirit and (or) social function on the best level, making it by some means, change the life, to enhance their capability of self-reliance, disease, injury, disabilities can return to society, improve the quality of survival.

2. Connotation (five aspects) : medical, engineering, educational, social and professional.

3. There are three modes of rehabilitation services: rehabilitation institutions, home rehabilitation services and community rehabilitation.

4. Rehabilitation Medicine is a unique medical discipline with basic theories, evaluation methods and treatment technologies. As an important branch of medicine, it is a medicine to promote the rehabilitation of patients with diseases, injuries and disabilities.

5. Objects of rehabilitation medicine: mainly persons with functional disabilities caused by injuries, acute and chronic diseases and old age, and those with congenital developmental disabilities.

6. Main differences between clinical medicine and rehabilitation medicine: Clinical medicine is dominated by diseases, while rehabilitation medicine is dominated by functional disorders.The composition and working mode of rehabilitation medicine:


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