Finger rehabilitation series

Encounter hand hemiplegia and want to restore normal, best practice is to be able to check to do finger rehabilitation to train work well everyday, but to specific training work people is not very understanding, so how does finger rehabilitation train do?Hand hemiplegia occur when people have to solve the disease treatment, so as to help restore his health

(1) the effects of imitation synkinesis the contralateral limb is used as the same action to induce the difficult action, when the patient wanted to bend side fingers, we may see the contralateral fingers bend, even sometimes fisting at the subconscious action to induce with lateral bending fingers, but if the attention to control, the contralateral hand does not have to follow bending, is can inhibit the down instead, straight fingers as described aboveAlternating flexion and straight, or in the early training of finger grip and the relaxation, the induced effect is particularly in the action of bending, and attention should be focused on imitation hand (side), to determine the fist won’t hold too tight so that the buckling of overexcitation hand muscle.

(2) the wrist for grasping training in general, fixed the muscles of the wrist and finger flexion muscle has a strong connection and this kind of situation usually after cerebrovascular was blocked, so the need to rebuild to grasp effective

(3) Group extension and excitation of telescopic reflection

The strength of the autonomous fist needs to be strengthened, and the strength of the autonomous open hand is equally important. A spasm of the flexion muscle of the finger causes the thumb to flex inside the other four fingers. When the spasm is present and the client is unable to straighten his or her fingers, alternate autonomic grasping with passive palm opening to reduce tension. The therapist can give a slight, quick brush to the back of the patient’s hand and wrist as the forearm is rotated, effectively reducing flexor muscle tension. When patients only have spasms in their wrists and fingers, they can be reduced by prolonged cold water stimulation

(4) The recovery of hand function can be achieved by training fingers to grasp and fine motor activities

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