How to use physiotherapy bed correctly

How to use physiotherapy bed correctly

Physiotherapy tilt bed hemiplegia rehabilitation equipment

Physiotherapy tilt bed hemiplegia rehabilitation equipment

The warm physiotherapy bed combines the massage, massage and hot moxibustion therapy of traditional Chinese medicine with spinal orthodontics and far infrared therapy of modern medicine

As a whole, a comprehensive effect on the human body, depending on the body weight of the pressure, acting on the Du pulse and the foot sun bladder meridian finger pressure

Massage massage, so as to promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, improve human immunity, to achieve rehabilitation health care and on the spine

Adjuvant therapeutic effect of common multiple diseases.

Recently, many readers call our newspaper, inquire about the therapeutic effect of physiotherapy bed and matters needing attention.Reader Li aunt told

Reporter, there is a physical therapy bed near his home sword fee experience activity center, many old sisters have to experience a, some even regularly

Experience it regularly.His body is not very good, also want to try, but afraid of danger.Other readers questioned the use of therapy beds

Massage is comfortable, but isn’t it addictive?

According to orthopedic experts, physiotherapy bed through the implementation of massage, can play a similar role in the massage of the hand, is commonly used in physical therapy

A method, for the elderly physical fitness is more good for osteoporosis, lumbar spine hyperplastic spine disease back pain has a certain

Therapeutic effect.The infrared has the function of improving microcirculation, making the circulation of gas and blood unobstructed, so as to achieve better results.

Experts say that if addiction occurs, users should be able to work out according to their own conditions by combining the functions of the lower back muscles

Good solution.In addition, we normal people in the process of use, try not to massage the bone process, because the bone protrusion, capacity

Easily chafe the skin.

Although therapy beds have certain health benefits, they are not suitable for everyone.Not suitable for the crowd include: tumor patients, Yan

Patients with severe osteoporosis, skin diseases (including skin breakage, infection, dermatitis, allergy), hemorrhagic diseases, spina bifida

Patients, tuberculosis, pregnant women and the very old and very frail.Among them, patients with malignant tumors must not use it, as it can

Can promote the deterioration of tumor lesions, is a medical taboo.Experts remind users that all kinds of physiotherapy beds can promote blood circulation in the back and waist

Ring, promote metabolism, reduce the effect of pain, but will not have a complete therapeutic effect.

At present, the domestic market on the physical therapy bed mixed, consumers should pay attention to the selection of trusted brands in the choice of products.For instance,

As a leading company in China’s medical device industry, Xilai Health has been developing in China for nine years. Its thermal therapy bed series products have been listed in the list of 3·15

Focus on protecting the brand.Hillejian is constantly explaining how it helps people to get healthy with its own actions.

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