cervical traction method

cervical traction method

cervical traction method: traction is to use the principle of force and reaction force, through the manipulation of instruments or electric devices to produce external forces on the human spine or limb joints, so as to make certain tissues to separate the soft tissue around the joints and get appropriate stretch, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

(1) Traction Angle: Generally speaking, the neck is inclined forward and forward about 10°-30° from the longitudinal axis of the trunk (upper, middle and lower cervical sections) to avoid overextension (except for disc herniation).

(2) Traction (strength) weight: In principle, it is appropriate for the patient to endure. According to different ages, different traction weight is selected (ranging from 2kg-30kg).

(3) Traction time: generally 1-2 times a day, each traction about 30 minutes, the specific should be based on the patient’s constitution.

(4) Traction: Generally, sitting intermittent traction is used, while horizontal intermittent traction is usually used for the elderly and weak.

Traction weight can start from 3~4 kg, age, physical strength, cervical flesh development and the patient’s response to traction treatment, etc., appropriately increase traction weight and prolong traction time, cervical tracers can adjust the weight according to actual needs.Course of treatment: Small weight traction for 7 days a course of treatment.Rest 1-2 days between sessions.In the traction treatment, but also with other treatment, to do not harm the body shall prevail.

The method of cervical traction is generally cervical traction with the neck pillow traction belt.

(1) Posture: The position can be seated or decumbent. For convenience, take more stable sitting position. Make the neck lean forward about 10°-30° from the longitudinal axis of the trunk to avoid overextension.Ask the patient to fully relax the neck, shoulders and muscles of the whole body.Traction posture should make the patient feel comfortable, if there is discomfort should be adjusted as appropriate.In patients with vertebral artery type, the anterior inclination should be small, patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy should be in almost vertical position, avoid anterior flexor traction.

(2) Traction weight and duration: The commonly used traction weight varies greatly, from 1/10 to 1/5 of the patient’s own body weight. Most patients use 6-7kg, and a smaller weight is used at the beginning to facilitate the patient’s adaptation.At the end of each traction, the patient should have obvious traction sensation in the neck, but no special discomfort. If this sensation is not obvious, weight should be increased as appropriate.The duration of each traction is usually 20-30 minutes.The traction weight and duration can be combined differently. Generally, the duration is shorter when the traction weight is larger, and longer when the traction weight is smaller.

(3) Traction frequency and course of treatment: traction is generally 1-2 times a day, or 3 times a day, 10-20 days for a course of treatment, lasting for several courses until the symptoms are basically eliminated.

(4) Supine traction can be used if the sitting traction is not effective, or if the patient has severe symptoms or is weak and cannot endure sitting.Use the pillow to maintain proper posture, traction weight is generally 2-3kg.After continuous traction for 2 hours, rest for 15 minutes, and then put on traction for a total time of 10-14 hours per day.

(5) Intermittent traction can be carried out with electric traction apparatus, which is believed to be conducive to relaxing muscles and improving local blood circulation.It is traction 2 minutes commonly, loosen or reduce traction weight 1 minute, repeat for half an hour or so.

Hospital physical therapy neck traction chair

Hospital physical therapy neck traction chair


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