Hand rehabilitation training

Hand rehabilitation training

Wrist rehabilitation training

  1. Wrist training methods

The carpal joint includes the distal radial joint, the carpal joint and the intercarpal joint are biaxial joints, and its physiological function can be used for flexion and extension of the frontal axis and radial, ulnar flexion and rotation of the sagittal axis.

(1) Passive or active exercise: Rehabilitation therapists fix the distal forearm near the wrist joint with the upper hand, hold the distal finger of the wrist joint with the lower hand, and perform wrist joint flexion and extension, radial ulnar flexion and rotation, etc. During the exercise, attention should be paid to the patient’s wrist and fully relax the fingers.

(2) power movement, active movement and stretching training: the aid of wrist joint movement and the movement according to the above way, completed by patients with active force of wrist joint biaxial to an activity, a wrist holding zhang, the patient to sitting elbow flexion and supports in mesa, rehabilitation therapists with the hand below the fixed limb forearm near the wrist and hand held palm dorsal, above tension in patients with wrist flexion, ulnar radial lateral flexion and rotation motion, don’t pay attention to the above hand grasped the patient’s thumb is the best in the second metacarpal bone.

2. Training methods of  palm joints

The metacarpal joint is composed of the metacarpal joint and carpal. Its physiological function includes flexion, extension, adduction, abduction and the movement of the hollow and square palms.

(1) Passive exercise: The rehabilitation therapist faces the patient and places four fingers in the palm of the patient with the thumb on the back of the palm to squeeze between the metacarpal bones to make the metacarpal arch flat again. Alternatively, two hands can be used to hold the inside and outside of the metacarpal bones on the back of the affected metacarpal hands respectively to perform fossa-palm exercises, namely squeezing the metacarpal bones to increase the metacarpal arch.

(2) Assisted exercise or active exercise: In the same method as above, the rehabilitation therapist will help the patient to actively complete the exercise training, or the patient can wear a hemiplegia walker and use the healthy hand to squeeze the affected metacarpophalarpophalarpophalarpophalarpophalarpophalar joint to help the metacarpophalarpophalar joint to complete the flexion, extension, adrosion and abduction activities, and pay attention to the soft force, which should not cause pain.

3. the finger joint training method

It is mainly the flexion and extension of the thumb and finger joints and the adduction and abduction of the metacarpophalangeal joints.

Passive motion: (1) for patients with finger each joint activities separately, rehabilitation opponent knuckles activities for a specific individual joint implementation, can be used with one hand thumb and index finger fixed proximal joint, another hand holding the remote knuckles, flexion and adduction, outreach practice, as long as the digit proximal fully fixed can make any activities of the interphalangeal joint.

(2) Active exercise and stretch training:Patients using the healthy limb hand fixed proximal joints of fingers, and then can be independent of the interphalangeal joint force in various functional training, rival knuckles tension often adopt fixed proximal joint first, then gradually of joints between the multiple refers to the tension, to reduce extrusion of the small joints with Zhang Yi since far end joint, due to the complexity of finger joints and more for joint muscle control, therefore must be correctly diagnosed mainly limited joint and muscle group, and then to each finger joints tension, generally don’t do comprehensive tension, such as the finger joints caused by external finger muscle damage is limited,Stretch a single joint (fixing the other joints) and then stretch the second and third joints until you reach a normal range of motion, that is, move the farthest joint first to reduce excessive pressure on the facet joints.

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