air Pressure therapy machine adaptation disease

air Pressure therapy machine adaptation disease

air Pressure therapy instrument is also known as circulating pressure therapy instrument, gradient pressure therapy instrument, extremities circulator or pressure antithrombotic pump, physical therapy.

Therapeutic principle of air wave pressure therapy instrument

1, mainly through air wave pressure therapeutic apparatus for multi-cavity airbags have order repeatedly deflated, formed the cycle stress of body and organization, the body of the distal to the body of the proximal to evenly and orderly, improve blood and lymph flow, and the function of improve microcirculation, accelerate the body tissue fluid backflow, helps to prevent the formation of thrombus, prevention of limb oedema, can directly or indirectly associated with blood lymph circulation treatment of many diseases.

2. Through passive and uniform massage, with the acceleration of blood circulation.It can accelerate the absorption of metabolic wastes, inflammatory factors and pain-causing factors in the blood.It can prevent muscle atrophy, prevent muscle fibrosis, strengthen the oxygen content of the limbs, and help to solve the diseases caused by blood circulation disorders (such as bone femoral head ring death, etc.)

air Pressure therapy adaptation disease

Lymphatic reflux obstruction edema

Swelling of stump after amputation (long-term swelling can cause complications)

Complicated regional pain syndromes (such as neuroreflex edema, hemiplegia limb edema after cerebrovascular accident)

Reduce swelling and relieve pain: promote blood circulation of lower limbs, quickly eliminate primary secondary limb edema, relieve pain, make the recovery of numb and uncomfortable limbs, but also relieve numbness of limbs, cold hands and feet and other symptoms of insufficient blood supply;

Venous stasis ulcer

Prevent deep vein thrombosis

Varicose veins, for sub-health people, especially standing, sitting or long-term bed, to help prevent varicose veins.

Limb paralysis (cerebral infarction) can improve the blood supply of heart and brain function, prevent (stroke) the occurrence of heart and brain vascular disease, relieve the headache, dizziness, insomnia caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain

Limb Spasms (Pain Department)

Pregnant women’s body care

Chronic diseases caused by veins

Fat dissolve

Rheumatoid arthritis

Muscle injury caused by exercise

Improve intestines and eliminate constipation

Disorders caused by interruption of blood circulation

Relieve stress-induced numbness in the hands and feet

Lie in bed for a long time

Prevent muscular atrophy

Intermittent claudication

Diabetic foot and diabetic peripheral neuritis can significantly shorten the length of hospital stay.

Beauty leg thin body: through circulation massage, the effect on human tissues, to drege the meridians, promote circulation, enhance the body’s metabolism, remove edema, toxin, strengthen the effect of fat decomposition and fat combustion, make slim, beautiful skin, detoxification and health care completed at the same time.


arm and leg air Pressure physiotherapy

arm and leg air Pressure physiotherapy

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