Shortwave physiotherapy device

Shortwave physiotherapy device

Medical short wave therapy machine is widely used in rehabilitation center, clinic and hospital, it is used for therapy.

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Shortwave physiotherapy device

Shortwave therapy device

Shortwave therapy device

Shortwave therapy device Product parameter

Power supply220V
Rated input power700VA
Output power20W, 40W, 60W, 100W, 200W adjustable
Working frequency27.12MHz
Pulse modulation frequencySparse wave MF 70Hz

dense wave DF 350Hz

Modulation waveformSquare wave
Modulation pulse widthThin 7.15ms, dense 1.43ms
Treatment time10min,15min,20min,25min,30mi


physiotherapy device:

Electric therapy

Pulse electrical signals of a certain voltage and frequency are connected to the human body through electrodes. Because many components of human tissues have certain electrical characteristics, when subjected to electrical stimulation, the muscles, nerves, body fluids and blood of the human body will produce a certain degree of physical and chemical reaction.Low frequency and medium frequency electrotherapy is one of the most common such devices.Electrotherapy is effective in improving pain and regulating nerve function in hospitals.

Magnetic therapy

Since humans have evolved in the magnetic field of the Earth, our relationship with the magnetic field is bound to be related to health.The magnetic effect of a certain intensity on the human body can cause a series of reactions in the human body. Many magnetic therapy instruments have played a role in the recovery of the human body.

The most widely used physiotherapy device should be a hyperthermia device.The direct result of hyperthermia is to cause the vasodilation of the local tissues of the human body, so that the blood flow is strengthened, the blocked capillaries are opened, and the blood perfusion of the human tissues is increased.The efficacy of such instruments is directly related to the promotion of the metabolism of tissue cells under the conditions of improved blood circulation.So the degree of improvement in blood circulation corresponds directly to the efficacy.The most common instruments for hyperthermia are short-wave and ultrashort wave, microwave and infrared therapy instruments.

Short-wave and ultrashort wave: the strongest penetration, its energy can directly enter the human body tens of centimeters of depth of human tissue.Such equipment is widely used in hospitals.But the height that good energy should be held when using, because short wave has adipose absorption can be more than the characteristic that muscle absorbs energy far, when in order to avoid treatment, because adipose tissue is absorbed too much energy and produce adipose liquefaction or burn human body normal organization.

Microwave:Compared with short wave and ultra-short wave, the penetration ability of microwave is worse. Generally speaking, electromagnetic wave has half wave penetration ability. The penetration ability of microwave half wave of 12 cm wavelength is 5-6 cm, so microwave treatment instrument is more suitable for the physiotherapy of osteoarthritis and superficial soft tissue inflammation.However, the biggest advantage of microwave is that the human bone, muscle and adipose tissue are very close to the microwave absorption capacity. Experiments have confirmed that: under the action of microwave, the absorption capacity of different tissues in the human body has the following relationship: fat: muscle: bone = 1:1:1.So the physical therapy effect of shallow tissue microwave is obviously better than short wave, ultrashort wave.The effect of microwave on osteoarthroinflammation, prostatitis, pelvic inflammation and rhinitis is very well recognized by hospitals at all levels.Home microwave therapy equipment has entered many families, because of the high cure rate, by the users of a high evaluation and recognition.








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