physical therapy equipment Muscle Stimulator physical therapy equipment

physical therapy equipment Muscle Stimulator physical therapy equipment

Medical muscle stimulator physiotherapy equipment is widely used in rehabilitation center, clinic and hospital, it is used for therapy.

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physical therapy equipment Medical muscle stimulator physical rehabilitation equipment

physical therapy equipment

physical therapy equipment


Power supply220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz
Pulse frequency500Hz; 0.5Hz-5Hz
Pulse width5*1ms; 10ms
 current effective value≤80mA
Timing5min,10 min,15min,20min,25min,30min
Output waveformTwo-way unsymmetric(al) square wave
OutputThree pulse output

physical therapy equipment

1. Make a diagnosis

Diagnosis is the premise of treatment. Only correct diagnosis can ensure the selection of appropriate and effective physical therapy and fully eliminate contraindications.To the current market of some medical equipment equipment operators in the propaganda exaggerated indications, to scientific and rational view.

2. Selection of physical factors

The selection of physical factors should be based on the patient’s condition and the patient’s functional status, age, gender, occupation, living habits and other aspects should be considered. The selection of physical factors should not only pay attention to its general effect, but also pay attention to its specific effect.

3. The dose

Energy exchange is one of the basic functions of physical therapy, so dose selection is of great significance.Usually physiotherapy mainly uses its physiological effects for non-invasive treatment, but sometimes also uses its invasive treatment, such as a variety of high-frequency electric cauterization, electric coagulation, laser carbonization, gasification effect, etc.According to the viewpoint of information theory, the body’s response to information does not depend on the size of the energy, and the acceptor medium has undergone complex chemical and physical changes before the temperature changes.Such as organic and inorganic charged particles with the direction of the electromagnetic field changes and move;The change of charged particle concentration and permeability on the membrane;The changes of protein structure and amino group gene and cell structure on cells.When determining the dose, in addition to the intensity, factors such as time of action, interval of treatment, area of treatment, nature and stage of disease, individual differences, characteristics of affected tissues and organs, length of treatment course (accumulation amount) should be considered.The course of treatment is to adjust the disordered function through repeated action, or to form a new order of function through conditioned reflex.[2]

4. Pathway of action

Physical therapy mainly through the skin (contact or non-contact) on the body, can also be through the mucous membranes or the eyes, ears and other senses and work.Therapeutic methods can be divided into systemic, local, superficial, coelomic and so on.According to the need can also be through the reflection path, or according to the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory for acupoint treatment.Physiotherapy should be accurate positioning, otherwise it will affect the curative effect.

5. After the role

Both biological and abiotic systems respond to feedback with “hysteresis”, that is, the response results can not reach the required level immediately, but need a certain time process.Similarly, under the action of physical factors, the adjustment of body function also needs a certain time limit.The best effect of treatment often occurs in the interval after the end of the course of treatment.

6. Treatment

All kinds of physiotherapy are some non-specific stimulus factors, its role is based on the response of the human body, these reactions are not a treatment or two can be perfected, generally through repeated stimulation, in order to establish a more lasting and consolidated response, so as to obtain a stable effect.But when the treatment is repeated too many times, the body will gradually develop the ability to adapt, the response will gradually weaken.Continuing a treatment indefinitely does not enhance its effectiveness.Therefore, physical therapy should generally have a certain course of treatment, especially for the treatment of chronic diseases.The length of the course of treatment should be based on different diseases and different types of treatment, generally acute disease is 3~7 times, chronic disease 12~20 times for the course of treatment.Treatment should be stopped at the end of one course of treatment. If the condition requires, rest for 7 to 10 days before a second course of treatment can be carried out.Each treatment usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes, once or twice a day.

7. Comprehensive application of physical factors

The comprehensive application of physical factors is very rich. In the early 20th century, many scholars emphasized the valuable value of comprehensive application of physical factors, that is, it can significantly improve the curative effect.There are many types of physical therapy, some of which are contradictory, such as cold therapy and conduction heat therapy;There are many is similar or complementary to each other, have synergy, such as thermal therapy with low and medium frequency electrotherapy, spa and exercises, thermal therapy and massage, the necessity condition, when necessary, can 2 ~ 3 kinds of treatment and application of physical factors (such as electrotherapy + heat treatment, heat treatment + technique or massage therapy), respectively, at different times of the day.When carrying out comprehensive physiotherapy, attention should be paid to the application of several physical factors with the same nature or similar effects in the same part of the body is not necessary, or even taboo.Because a variety of properties of the same physical factors when the total dose of continuous action is too large, there is a risk of aggravating pathological changes, and cause overload of the organism.

8. Rational application of physiotherapy equipment

The rational application of physiotherapy equipment plays an important role in improving the quality of medical treatment.If the principle, performance and operating procedures of the equipment are not properly grasped, improper use and management will also bring all kinds of risks and hidden safety hazards to patients and medical technicians.Therefore, the establishment of standardized operating procedures, emphasizing the operator’s sense of responsibility for safety, to overcome the lack of work and sense of responsibility is not strong, master the daily maintenance and regular maintenance, according to the correct method and requirements to use physiotherapy equipment, in order to ensure the use of safety and effectiveness







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