Medical Suspension frame rehabilitation equipment

Medical Suspension frame rehabilitation equipment

Medical suspension frame rehabilitation equipment is widely used in rehabilitation center and hospital, it helps patients doing rehabilitation exercise.

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         Rehabilitation center suspension frame for clinic 

Medical Suspension frame rehabilitation equipment list

Medical Suspension frame rehabilitation equipment list

Type: rehabilitation equipment list

TypeRehabilitation equipment
Product nameMedical rehabilitation suspension frame
FunctionUsed for rehabilitation training
ApplicationRehabilitation center, hospital, clinic
MaterialSteel frame, steel
MOQ1 pcs



















The basic rehabilitation equipment is

Electric stand up bed

Therapeutic effect

1. Standing training is mainly for patients with hemiplegia and paraplegia to carry out step-by-step standing adaptability training.

2. Prevention of complications in bed Prevent postural hypotension, osteoporosis, respiratory system infection, urinary system infection and other complications caused by long-term bed rest

Upper and Lower Limb Active and Passive Rehabilitation Training Device


Exercise muscle strength;Maintain range of motion and prevent contracture;Induce normal action pattern, inhibit abnormal pattern;To prevent complications in bed.

Bobath training bed

Scope of application: patients lying, sitting movement training such as: hemiplegia, paraplegia, limb mobility disorders patients can do on the bed to turn over, sit up and move back and forth, crawling, transfer and other training, sitting and hand and knee position balance training, all kinds of neurophysiological therapy, such as Bobath therapy, PNF therapy.

Suspension rehabilitation trainer

Scope of application

Neurological rehabilitation due to hemiplegia, paraplegia, cerebral palsy and other central nerve injury diseases caused by joint dysfunction;

Orthopaedic rehabilitation due to muscle strain and joint diseases caused by joint dysfunction;

Pelvic floor rehabilitation joint dysfunction due to postpartum changes in pelvis – abdomen dynamics and structure.

Electric Shift Machine (Sky Rail Transfer/Training System) (Original Name: Sky Rail Transfer Training System)

Scope of application

1. Nervous system diseases (stroke, brain trauma, childhood cerebral palsy, etc.).

2. The recovery period of bone and joint diseases and sports injuries (hip replacement, knee replacement, lower limb fracture, etc.).

3. Walking training of lower limbs before and after wearing prosthetics and orthotics.

4. Patients with metastatic dysfunction.(Elderly) (Wheelchair Patients) (Bed Rest) (Hemiplegia Patients) (Amputees)


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