physiotherapy instrument Medical medium frequency current

physiotherapy instrument Medical medium frequency current

Medical medium frequency current physiotherapy equipment is widely used in rehabilitation center, clinic and hospital, it is used for therapy.

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Medical medium frequency current physiotherapy instrument

medical medium frequency current physiotherapy instrument

medical medium frequency current physiotherapy instrument

Product introduction

Medium Frequency physiotherapy Device is also one of electrotherapy, which stimulates the human body with the current of 1KHZ~100KHZ to bring the analgesic, muscle exercise, blood circulation improvement, scar softening and adhesion release effects.


Product parameter

Power supply220V
Input power130VA
Frequency range1-10kHZ
MF modulation  range0-200Hz
MF modulation  waveSine wave, square wave, triangle wave, exponential wave,  sawtooth wave, sharp wave
Modulation modeContinuous, discontinuous, intermittent, variable frequency and alternating modulation
Medium frequencymodulation50%, 75%, 100%
Medium frequency output currentLess than 100mA, adjustable
Stability of medium frequency output current±10%
Dynamic rhythm4s-10s
Various cycle of beat frequency15s-30s
Output modelFour channels medium frequency diathermy output, four iontophoresis DC output, two channels interferential output
DC rangeLess than 50mA
Treatment time20min, 25min, 30min, 40min, 45min
treatment prescription99


Microwave physiotherapy instrument is a highly efficient physiotherapy instrument, which has an exact effect on joint inflammation and superficial soft tissue inflammation and infection.Based on the effect of microwave therapy apparatus based on improve the blood circulation of the local tissue, illuminate the microwave through physical therapy radiator directly to the local tissue of the human body, cause in the organization of water molecules, ions and dipole rotation and vibration, to raise the temperature of the group, lead to the organization’s capillaries expansion, blood flow is greatly strengthened,Then a series of clinical effects are produced.At the same time, the microwave therapeutic instrument has the characteristics of definite curative effect and quick effect that other thermal therapy equipment does not have. Its clinical curative effect is suggested on the basis that the microwave can directly penetrate the energy into the internal lesions, rather than just the superficial skin of the human body.

(1) By improving blood circulation, the lesion tissues are supplied with sufficient nutrients, and the metabolism and regeneration of cells are promoted

Function;Microwave has been widely used in postoperative wound healing and wound infection prevention in medical institutions at all levels

And greatly shorten the time of wound healing.

(2) By improving blood circulation, a large number of substances with immune function, such as white blood cells and macrophages, immune proteins, etc

Fully reach the inflammatory tissue, play a very good bacteriostasis, sterilization and removal of curing free radicals, so in medicine

Microwave therapeutic instrument has been widely used in anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling treatment.







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